Night Games
Night Games

Night Games

A Novel
By José Cabanis
Published by Palo Verde Press
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José Cabanis (1922-2000), member of the Académie française, won numerous literary prizes for his novels and essays. Born in Toulouse, France, Cabanis studied philosophy and law and earned three degrees including the docteur en droit. Thereafter, his "work" was the profession of law as an expert to the appellate court, and his "pleasure" was writing. Two other novels of his have been translated into English: The Battle of Toulouse (Coward-McCann, 1968) and The Joyless Years (Prentice-Hall, 1971).

Editorial Reviews

"Cabanis is a cultivated writer, a profound moralist, a subtle observer of people and things, and a great artist. For Cabanis, to write is to rescue the world from oblivion."—Jean-Claude Martin, Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature.

"José Cabanis writes as well as Gide aspired to, with the same cold ferver, the same clear ease, and perhaps a bit colorless. He is limpid and mocking, on obvious subjects, almost evanescent. Night Games is a masterpiece of style."—R.-M. Albérès, Le Roman d'aujourd'hui 1960-1970.

"In reality, Night Games is not a novel about a season in the sun, but a season in hell."—Philippe Sénart, La Revue de Paris.

"It is already necessary to salute José Cabanis as a master."—Pierre de Boisdeffre, Une histoire vivante de la littérature d'aujourd'hui.

First published under the title Les Jeux de la nuit by Editions Gallimard, Paris, in 1964. English translation by Peter Briscoe published in 1993. Color illustrations. Printed on archival-quality paper.

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